GoldRush Paranormal REACTS to his own Spirit Box Session for Aaron Carter

GoldRush Paranormal REACTS to his own Spirit Box Session for Aaron Carter

GoldRush Paranormal REACTS to his own Spirit Box Session for Aaron Carter. A month or two ago, I posted a POLL on my YouTube Channel asking if you would like to see me do Reaction Videos on my own sessions and this video will mark my very first reaction video.

It's not always easy to explain everything in the videos that I post, and I believe it's important for you all to hear what I have to say about certain responses that I receive from Spirit and also learn some of my beliefs when it comes to Spirit Communication in the hopes that it helps you all understand a little of how it all works and my process.

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I use ITC or Instrumental Trans-Communication to communicate with what I believe are spirits. I have been doing this for many years and yes, all spirit communication attempts are 100% REAL and are done with the utmost of respect, love & compassion for the spirits that I'm speaking to and their families. It is very important to note as I mention in many of my videos, that I can never confirm with 100% certainty who I'm actually speaking to. It may or may not be the spirit that I am attempting to contact. Also, it's very important to note as I state in many of my videos that there may be times, what I believe to be other spirits coming through to my sessions, so please do not assume that it's only the main spirit I am attempting to contact in the title or thumbnail or that he/she even came through in reality as I have no way of confirming that other than my belief. Spirit Communication is very real and has been documented by many others across the world including myself. I take what I do very seriously and will always provide authentic and real content. This video is for Entertainment Purposes only.

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