Half Past Dead Paranormal Radio 6/6/15 - LIVE With Special Guest Lord Rick

Half Past Dead Paranormal Radio 6/6/15 - LIVE With Special Guest Lord Rick

A simply stellar paranormal radio interview on Half Past Dead Paranormal Radio with guest Lord Rick Rowe which takes you on an intellectual journey that discusses Armageddon, Sasquatch, Missing People, Abductions, Giants, Ghost Towns, UFO's, Area 51, Cursed Owl Island, Investigative Methodology, Haunted Bodie, Dangers Of Investigating The Paranormal, Shape Shifters, Skin Walkers, The Anunnaki, Global Warming, Chemtrails, Synchronicity, Wild West, Government Cover-ups, Area 51, Underground Bases, Space Blotter, Ghostly Animals, Forbidden History, Alien Agendas, Devil's Peak Bigfoot and so much more.

You do NOT want to miss this great episode its full of various topics which is enough to peak any paranormal enthusiast interest as their is something for all. According to the network owner CJ Mars she told me this is one of the finest interviews she ever had on her network and we really hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing this fun segment as it will allure you right to the very end.

You can check out Roger Belt's and CJ Mars show at: http://www.cjmarsradio.com/CJMARS_CHAT.html and you can listen to the original rebroadcasts at: https://soundcloud.com/aurora1627/half-past-dead-paranormal-with-roger-belt-20150706 this copy is a rendition as the sound has been re mastered with a concert hall setting with higher quality, lags, pauses and dead air removed to make the episode more enjoyable for our fans so take the journey of truth, adventure and friendship if you dare delve into this jam packed episode which revolves around our strange universe we live in!

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