Haunted Doll # 10 Bailey Doll that was present during a psychic reading for Jewls..

Haunted Doll # 10 Bailey Doll that was present during a psychic reading for Jewls..

This little doll has a very interesting back story.. She was not a doll that I felt any particular attachment with.. She was just a beautiful little doll.. So, I was set to do a psychic reading for a wonderful lady that I did not know what so ever prior to her reading.

Now, keep in mind my readings are ones that connect others to their loved ones that have passed away.. I wanted to have this little doll with me when I did her reading for the loss of her Mother.. I did the reading, it was very comforting and successful and brought peace and love to Jewls..

I had asked Jewls if she minded if we tried a little experiment and she was great with it. My theory was that possibly and I am not saying it DOES work but I am going to tell you the absolute truth and you can talk to Jewls Weller who is on FB and in Southern Angels Paranormal Facebook Grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1475704209327343/

What happened is this... After we did the reading, I started to see some "spark" in her eyes.. Which I can't explain totally in words.. but it is like she was not just a pretty doll anymore.. She looked alive.. So I began to do work with her and used all of the tools that I do in order to get information and then my gift of psychometry which is the ability to touch or see an object and sense what it is or needs to say..

The doll then told me her name was Bailey.. She showed me a bottle of Baileys Liquor and I was like OH IS YOUR NAME BAILEY? She then pendulum answered YES.. Also dowsing rods YES..

When I was speaking with Jewls today, I told her that I wanted to send her doll that I had with me for the 2 hour reading I had done as a Christmas gift to her.. I then told her her name........

Jewls sort of got quiet and said, "Kat... Bailey was my move beloved and loyal dog that still to this day, the loss of hurts inside. So.. you tell me.. Did a spiritual energy decide to merge it's energy with this little doll and found a way back to her owner Jewls?

As A Skeptic naturally I know a lot of you are calling Bull Shit on this and saying whatever.. But... I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that energies reside in and around objects and dolls..

I feel that since I asked if a little residual energy of someone important to Jewls might choose to merge with this little doll whom I now call my psychic merging doll could do so.. And I had no way of knowing she owned a dog named Bailey and no way of knowing the other things I told her..

So, Bailey is going off to Minnesota to Jewls, and she is going to use Bailey as a trigger object with her Ghost Box research, and she is so thrilled that in her heart she feels Bailey, her most loyal and beloved pet DID FIND A WAY to come home..

I love this experience and I AM going to try it again..

You don't have to agree with my experiment and please don't send me hate messages over it. .I do not charge for my psychic gifts, and I read for others all over the world. I do things from the most bottom of my heart and soul. To help bring love, and light and understanding to the spiritual world we live in..

Have a great day!! XXOO KAT
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