Haunted Doll #9 Victoria Antique/Vintage Composition Doll

Haunted Doll #9 Victoria Antique/Vintage Composition Doll

Meet Victoria, she is from the 1920's and is very, VERY strong and intense. She is demanding in that she wants to be in your room, she WILL interfere with your electronics if you are not communicating, so you will need to use pendulum, ghost box and interact with her.. The pets in my home love her however and she likes them and my kids.. So no issues there..

She has dream communicated with me that she was in her 20's, engaged, and lived during the roaring 20's. She was a flapper and she had an issue with drinking.. She was an alcoholic and unfortunately drank herself to a point one night that she got behind the wheel of a car, and she died in a horrific car crash..

The car went over a bridge and into the water and it was a long time before the car and she were found. She is not fond of water what so ever.. But, if you place her just outside your area that you shower, you will hear her singing or talking.

If you have an EVP recorder, put it next to her while you are in shower and see what you get.. She would be one of the most awesome paranormal spirited things you could ever want to have in your home..

I know she will speak to someone out there..
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