Haunted Farm House - How To Use A Baby Monitor During An Investigation

Haunted Farm House - How To Use A Baby Monitor During An Investigation

Haunted Farm House - How To Use A Baby Monitor During An Investigation
by Haunted House Investigation Team (H H I T)

Just in time for Halloween ! This is a quick paranormal evidence rundown from one of our first investigations. This location was one of our most active investigations, haunted by what we believe to be the spirit of the property owners great grandmother. Lots of spooky and Creepy Activity during our time spent in the old Strange haunted farm house, including a full body apparition caught on tape, and a Scary intelligent yes and no conversation with a Real Ghost. We cannot say if it was evil, or a demon but none the less, Enjoy this video, and be sure to let us know what you think. Thanks for watching!

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You're about to find out: 0:20
The Downstairs Hallway: 1:20
The Apparition: 1:58
The Upstairs Conversation with a Spirit: 2:16

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