HAUNTED Geelong Gaol/Jail | Ned Kelly, Chopper Read | AMAZING place!

HAUNTED Geelong Gaol/Jail | Ned Kelly, Chopper Read | AMAZING place!

The haunted Geelong Gaol/Jail and her ghosts have long been on our radar. We finally got to investigate and wow, what an amazing place this is, just for the history if nothing else! With ties to Chopper Read, Ned Kelly (not the heads Kag is holding), and many more... it was an intriguing journey into her past.

There were so many interesting stories to do with history, be warned half of this video is about those :)

Please note that these videos were originally designed as live streams on our Facebook page to highlight haunted tourism sites that you can visit yourself. For this reason, the video is not intended to be broadcast/documentary quality.

We are not presenting this as proof that ghosts exist; we are sharing some exciting moments during our investigation. What you make of it is what you make of it.

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