HAUNTED? | Villisca Ax Murder House | The GHOSTS of Villisca

HAUNTED? | Villisca Ax Murder House | The GHOSTS of Villisca

We originally were going to put this up as an example of 'nothing happening', to show you don't get something every time. But... on review... this happened! Note: Don't assume and always check your footage!

Villisca Ax [sic] House, is one of the most intriguing murder locations. In 1912 the whole of the Moore family (2 adults and 4 children) plus two neighbours children who were staying over, were brutally slain whilst sleeping in their beds. It is a mystery today, as the killer was never brought to justice.

This would have to be one of the most disturbing investigations that Kag and Ali have done, and not for any paranormal reason. The history alone is unsettling in this house.

This house has gone on to appear in many of the ghost hunting shows, and gained quite a reputation, so how could we not go take a look!

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Kevin McLeod - 'Darkness is Coming'
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