#HauntedBedroom #Portal #Crystal Skull# Spirit Box Communication

#HauntedBedroom #Portal #Crystal Skull# Spirit Box Communication

#HauntedBedroom #Portal #Crystal Skull# Spirit Box Communication

LIVE from Kat Angels Haunted House, From the Open Portal Room join me LIVE with my Panel of Team Members as I open communication on my Altar Table that I newly crafted and Consecrated just for our live shows and that I can move and take with me on locations.

I will be utilizing the use of my Crystal Skulls from my large Crystal Collection that are part of my Magick Practices that primarily sit on my Crystal Altar next to my bed. All of my Crystal Skulls have been downloaded by some of the worlds most Famous Crystal Skulls over the years since I was in my 20's.

Traveling with my Spiritual Friends such as Jim Marrs and others as we adventured to Santa Fe New Mexico and other spiritually charged locations to meet up with Skulls like the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull, the Tibetan Crystal Skull, Amar, Sh-Na-Ra, Max, Etc.

I will be also adding more to the description of this show as the day goes on!
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