HAUNTINGS / PHENOMENA project extended trailer

An extended trailer for Phenomena project coming later this year, PHENOMENA aims to put some credibility back into TV paranormal programmes. I hav teamed up with Steve Mera as we investigate claims of paranormal occurances around the UK, apart from myself and my alledged ability to speak with the spirits being scientifically put under the microscope every aspect of the pehnomena will undergo the same. It was my intention to create something that would appeal to believers / sceptics and public which is no easy task but I came up with project PHENOMENA raising the bar in paranormal research & investigation. Already we have produced some fantastic scientific verified results. May claim to take things to the next level and we generally see more the same as we have done before, this project really is taking things as far as possible showing tested evidence never seen before. In the 1st episode we go back on one of my past cases to investigate poltergeist activity = visit www.gsiparanormal.com under phenomea project for mre views / news and information. We will also be testing the claims of mediums etc in later episodes and putting their claims to the test the same way my own are. Thank you for your support and if you would like to help please do share and subscribe. There are some fascinating times ahead.
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