Hidden Realms at Lupton House #2

Hidden Realms at Lupton House #2

On the 28th March, 2007 Hidden Realms spent the night at Lupton House on a paranormal investigation.

During our time in the cellar the talc on lino experiement (for more information about this experiment please visit our website) was set up and left until the battery in the camcorder ran out.

Half way through the night the group had a short break and a chat about what was planned for the rest of our stay. The locked-off camcorder was recording at this time. Although our voices can be heard muttering in the background, there's a short space of quiet - it was during this that the locked-off camcorder picked up something very interesting.

This video is a direct copy of what was recorded and has not been edited or manipulated in any shape or form. What you hear is *exactly* what was recorded on the tape. When this was captured all the group members were in a different part of the cellar which was approximately 10-12 meters away from the experiment. Nobody was near to the camera at the time.

What do you think was captured?
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