Hobart Reservoir - Part 14 "Red House Historically Cursed"

The Red House was a monitoring station for the Virgina Gold Hill Waterworks. Its a haunted site my son and I heard little kids giggling in the woods yet we were alone up here minus the horseback riders who stayed on the wagon road. Houses like these could be found along the creeks and reservoirs in order to monitor the pipelines and dams in the region that supplied water to the Comstock of Virginia City. Sadly on one fateful night in 1911 the wives of two caretakers were killed when the dam broke and yes the site is haunted. In this clip ill take you on the wagon road to the Red House all the way on the grounds to an actual exploration of the inside of it so you get everything in regards to this historic property located deep in the national forest.The house is a bit eerie it also has a 1924 dodge parked out front of it and could be considered to be one of the last remaining remnants of upper Franktown.
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