Hobart Reservoir - Part 18 "Into The Twilight" Bonus Cut 2

Nightfall has set in prior to shooting this clip I seen something very large standing above us in a narrow pass on the old wagon road. I did not think much about it till a few hundred feet later we reached this plateau where I filmed Reno, Carson and Washoe City from above showing off the city lights of the valleys below the sierras. While I was filming the video whatever was in the woods following us and with the tall eye shine came out of the brush onto the plateau then leaped off the cliff it was not an animal or even remotely close to being Bigfoot but it may have been the same creature that left those tracks we found earlier at sun up. My son after this clip was trembling so bad he wont hike with me at the Hobart again he is done he seen something that changed his life forever.
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