How the Secret and Law of Attraction helped me stop my alcohol addiction – Awakening Now Show

How the Secret and Law of Attraction helped me stop my alcohol addiction – Awakening Now Show

In this brave, compelling, inspiring and inspiring interview, Karlos speaks openly and candidly about his experiences and where they have lead him over the past few years. “After moving to Wolverhampton and working in a high pressure sales job, Alcohol on the weekends became a release” Karlos explains. However it was not until moving back down to Cardiff and finding himself in a life he was much more comfortable with, being surrounded by loving family that he realised just how much of a slippery slope he was on.

“I found myself drinking more because I was happy,” Karlos went on to say, “which is backwards, I had found myself in a loving relationship, I had a good job” Karl reflects on how this downward spiral ended up in putting a very hard strain on his family and ultimately leading to a point where he lost his job “I was poisoning myself” he said.

“There were moments when I was alone, I would have the thought that everything negative in my life stemmed from me drinking, but then I would pick up a drink and have a swig, I put myself in a situation where my very life was at steak.” He talks about the help that he had from other organisations, close friends and family including Rachel his partner, Karl tried to quit on numerous occasions, and at one point he did so for nine months.

“I thought I could come back to it once a week,” he explained “but within 2 weeks I was back to a bottle of vodka a day... If you think you can quit for a year and then be a social drinker it is impossible if you are addicted then you are addicted for life. It’s quit or bust.”

“I was the worst I had ever been” Karlos recounted of how he hid it from the people he loved dearest.

Rachel and her uncle had been talking about this documentary called “The Secret” and so one night Karlos agreed to watch it.

“Everything that was being said in that film was hammering home about my addiction” he said. “The documentary is nothing to do with alcohol” he explained, “It is all about how positive thinking can and will change your life.” I have only ever seen it the once, but it was enough to completely and utterly rewire my brain.

“The next morning, I felt free, I knew what I had to do to get sober, I put everything into practice, but could not have done it without my nearest and dearest friends and family”. Karlos explains how he started going to the Gym and getting his fitness sorted out, really paying attention to what his mind and body were telling him, and he has never looked back, Karl has not touched a drop in three years.

Karl also offers his advice to those who may be going through the same thing that he was going through, “If you haven’t got a problem with drink, moderate everything, find the balance between work and family, find other things to outlet yourself and keep you going, If you are in an addiction situation, let go of all guilt, always look to improve and find the qualities in you that you hold true to yourself, don’t drink to feel better as it creates a spiral of negative thinking, reach in and cling onto the positives in your life, mind and soul, along with your uniqueness, and watch the secret,”

“I am not saying that film is going to help you, I only ever seen it once, but it was enough for me but I can assure you from my own experience The Law of attraction is real and it works”

We thank you Karl for your bravery in telling this story and very much hope others take
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