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the shape
Omargosh and the white box
Proving demons response to the omargosh vid
Proving demons expose 1
proving demons expose 2
Proving demons expose 3
'scoobydoo' proving demons
glory holes
Susan Wojcicki interview

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[Ok Unbeknownst to firtless and behind the scenes - Xmas day for the magnitude household was ruined... Mrs Magnitude had serious chest pains and other worrying symptoms. we as a family wanted to call an ambulance but she refused up until very late. she was blue lighted in; monitored and then released. a few days later the same thing happened again and it was suspected a 'heart attack' and rushed in again!! - cut a long story short; she hasn't had a heart attack (thank god.) - the chest pains are a spasm of the lungs and allegedly a really nasty virus (so the hot-shot doc who we got the feeling just wanted rid of us declared anyway...) - she was sent home with no meds, just told to rest significantly and if it happens again then maybe the 3rd time lucky they will actually take this seriously - i dunno?! I am worried that its her 'condition' (that still hasn't been diagnosed that we have been dealing with for over a year and a half now - firtless knows how long this has been going on...) coming back with avengence... as she is on tablets to fight the 'symptoms' - but these are slowly more and more becoming ineffective. we are making more appointments in the new year - we've been fobbed off over and over and xmas day was really scary for us! i haven't posted anything and dont want to make a big deal over it - but she's ordered to rest and not work indefinitely for now so im the only one earning at this very moment as we don't have sick pay - so if you wish to help via a tip - that would be helpful. i won't make a big deal out of this or do a video on it until we know exactly what is what as it gets complicated - needless to say; this is all linked and she NEEDS that damn diagnosis! Many thanks for all your support]

Silent Guardian Firtless
Debra Rose
David Stevens (from the 25/12/19)

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[Me or Mrs Magnitude - use us as a sounding board, you give us so much so we want to give back via this....
PLEASE NOTE - I do NOT read ANY emails that are for Mrs Magnitude so any personal things you wish to get off your soul, be safe in that knowledge....

Follow/ Community -
Sadly G+ is dead... this means my personal page is gone and so has my community - Truthseekers-exige which has moved platform...
- its the end of an era where so many strong bonds were formed and still are - the new platform feels a little alienated.
i have downloaded discord but not got around to setting it all up due to IRL events going on that are stressing us out. but i will soon... promise.
however here is the link to the MEWE Truthseekers-exige reloaded community platform....

Order Of Magnitude Fan Page (on Fakebook!)
[Well what the hell happened? Everybody knows Order Of Magnitude detests fakebook!!! - is this the mandela effect? Are we in a different dimension?
Well not exactly - you won't find me there personally as its a fan page ran by one of my moderators from my original community... So feel free to communicate what an asshat I am because i will probably never see it lol.]

[Thank you very much for your pledges. You have no idea how this token amount really helps out. I am astounded for not demanding patrean exclusives so nobody misses out! Drop out and drop in as you please, no notices needed ~ Forever greatful for the support that keeps the magnitude household afloat in these what feels like eternally stormy seas!]
Special Thanx to Patre-Firts
(Roll-Call in no particular 'Order')

Laura Pearse
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Liz Hall
Chris Lambardi-Garnett
Kevin Morris
Lora Stock
Trixie Bella
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