Huff Paranormal - The Portal Demo - real time spirit communication.

Huff Paranormal - The Portal Demo - real time spirit communication.

I am doing more work on the Portal and this is still a prototype version. I expect to have the finished version all done within 2 weeks. This is not something I will or am selling. This is simply something I made for myself as I wanted the best sound, best clarity and an effective way to filter out the nonsense from spirit boxes and apps. Just allowing spirit voice to come through.

As I predicted last year, 2015 is shaping up to be THE YEAR for spirit communication advancements, and this is only the beginning. And yes, this is 100% real as are all of my hundreds of videos.

I also made this as I was getting tired of promoting box makers, for free, sending them sale after sale only to be backstabbed by them after I stop using their box or device. I will ALWAYS use what works best whether that is a new box like the GeoBox or my own SCD-1 app or something entirely new. But I will no longer give massive free promo to those who are not nice people nor will I be taken for granted.

So for me, it will be my SCD-1 my Portal Device and the GeoBox and Andre's Box. That is all until the next major advancement.

But enjoy this video, I am working all of my free hours on perfecting this and have spent so far $1600 in materials and items to test all different things. At the end of the day, this Portal will cost me about $1000 to make.
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