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[Ok Unbeknownst to firtless and behind the scenes - Xmas day for the magnitude household was ruined... Mrs Magnitude had serious chest pains and other worrying symptoms. we as a family wanted to call an ambulance but she refused up until very late. she was blue lighted in; monitored and then released. a few days later the same thing happened again and it was suspected a 'heart attack' and rushed in again!! - cut a long story short; she hasn't had a heart attack (thank god.) - the chest pains are a spasm of the lungs and allegedly a really nasty virus (so the hot-shot doc who we got the feeling just wanted rid of us declared anyway...) - she was sent home with no meds, just told to rest significantly and if it happens again then maybe the 3rd time lucky they will actually take this seriously - i dunno?! I am worried that its her 'condition' (that still hasn't been diagnosed that we have been dealing with for over a year and a half now - firtless knows how long this has been going on...) coming back with avengence... as she is on tablets to fight the 'symptoms' - but these are slowly more and more becoming ineffective. we are making more appointments in the new year - we've been fobbed off over and over and xmas day was really scary for us! i haven't posted anything and dont want to make a big deal over it - but she's ordered to rest and not work indefinitely for now so im the only one earning at this very moment as we don't have sick pay - so if you wish to help via a tip - that would be helpful. i won't make a big deal out of this or do a video on it until we know exactly what is what as it gets complicated - needless to say; this is all linked and she NEEDS that damn diagnosis! Many thanks for all your support Edit:- Mrs mags had to give up care home job however has increased hours at the shop which is far less stressful. Thank you all for the support over everything. Keep you posted.... ]

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[Me or Mrs Magnitude - use us as a sounding board, you give us so much so we want to give back via this....
PLEASE NOTE - I do NOT read ANY emails that are for Mrs Magnitude so any personal things you wish to get off your soul, be safe in that knowledge....

Follow/ Community -
Sadly G+ is dead... this means my personal page is gone and so has my community - Truthseekers-exige which has moved platform...
- its the end of an era where so many strong bonds were formed and still are - the new platform feels a little alienated.
i have downloaded discord but not got around to setting it all up due to IRL events going on that are stressing us out. but i will soon... promise.
however here is the link to the MEWE Truthseekers-exige reloaded community platform....

Order Of Magnitude Fan Page (on Fakebook!)
[Well what the hell happened? Everybody knows Order Of Magnitude detests fakebook!!! - is this the mandela effect? Are we in a different dimension?
Well not exactly - you won't find me there personally as its a fan page ran by one of my moderators from my original community... So feel free to communicate what an asshat I am because i will probably never see it lol.]

[Thank you very much for your pledges. You have no idea how this token amount really helps out. I am astounded for not demanding patrean exclusives so nobody misses out! Drop out and drop in as you please, no notices needed ~ Forever greatful for the support that keeps the magnitude household afloat in these what feels like eternally stormy seas!]
Special Thanx to Patre-Firts
(Roll-Call in no particular 'Order')

Chris Lombardi-Garnett
Jacqueline Morris
Jim Pickens Too
Kat Angel
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