Indian Officials say that Yeti is REAL - Bigfoot prints

Indian Officials say that Yeti is REAL - Bigfoot prints

Recently through the verified official twitter account of the India Army they stated that an expedition term of mountaineers caught the mystery animals, called Bigfoot or Yeti's foot prints in the snow.

Could these be the footprints of a yeti? The Indian Army posted photos of what they say are mysterious footprints in the snow, saying the dark tracks measured 32 inches by 15 inches. According to folklore, the yeti, or abominable snowman, is an ape-like creature that is taller than the humans. Existence of the alleged beast has never been verified.

These pictures of yeti footprints show the size of this mythical beast, They hope to fining yeti on the yeti footprint expedition everest, and maybe where is yeti , is yeti real , yeti spotted ,

indian officials say that yeti is real and they have its footprints.

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