Introducing my SP-1 (Spirit Portal 1) All in one, spirit radio device

Introducing my SP-1 (Spirit Portal 1) All in one, spirit radio device

NOT FOR SALE! Sorry! Only made this for my upcoming travels and filming during a 4000 mile drive across the USA in August and September. It's small, light, 100% battery operated, has an internal spirit radio and is able to take ANY app or device you plug into it.

It's a mix between the portal and wonder box with a new enhancement that I will be adding in a few days (double noise reduction). Housed in a one of a kind vintage russian Geiger Counter, when finished it will be beautiful, effective and an all around great tool for ITC, spirit communication.

This example are the 1st tests behind the scenes where I try the radio, and external radio, an app, and a police scanner. All with amazing and clear results. I also show without and with 1st stage noise reduction.

As always, everything I do is 100% real, and while the haters and weird ones of the field keep crying fake, ask those who have worked with me (of which there are many) who can tell you flat out, I am 100% real. Also check out others using portals, and devices like I use. Same results. Also be sure to check out TWO upcoming documentaries AND something else which will propel ITC forward around the world..soon.

I'm only getting started my friends. Only getting started.

As I said before, new videos will be few and far between until October while I work on other things in life I have to get done. But after October, will be full speed ahead. Thank you all!
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