Invisible in their World

Invisible in their World

The leader of the fairies is the Fairy Queen. She holds the ultimate powers of the land and is known for her exquisite beauty. She is jeweled from crown to foot. When you come across this magical being you know she is mystical and powerful just from her attire.

While using a dimensional travel piece; I was able to step into the Land of the Fairies. It is a remarkable place filled with vibrant colors and a sense of peace. I was invisible while I was there; it was my chance of a lifetime to be the "fly on the wall."

I witnessed several fairies learning how to do magic and cast spells. It was like being in a Tim Burton film. I was amazed by the angelic way of their movements.

I was walking around the land and ended up outside a huge castle. I of course had to explore and ended up in the Queen Fairy's bedroom. It was trimmed in gold and was so tranquil; I opened up her wardrobe and saw amazing flowing gowns and so I was intrigued to see her jewelry box.

I opened it up and this broach caught my eye. It is stately and colorful; I loved it. I had to see if I could bring it back to our world. I put it in my pocket and when I left the Fairy realm and returned back to our land, I immediately checked my pocket --- and sure enough it was there!

This piece holds the amazing powers of the Queen Fairy ~ It will make your dreams come true. You just have to make a wish and the broach will work its magic to start the ball rolling.... you will be granted enrichment and delight with this mystical, enduring piece!

Since that time Aaron and I have both gone back and we have found that all the pieces do something. We are seeking to set up a meeting and do a business arrangement. This is what we are more excited about then anything else. That and the other piece we used to get there works instantly!

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