Is Hell Real? This Spirit says IT IS - HEAR THIS Wonder Box Spirit Session

Is Hell Real? This Spirit says IT IS - HEAR THIS Wonder Box Spirit Session

As always, 100% real as it happened. We now have tech to reach the other side, and thousands are doing this today with great success..though it's not always about love and light.

1st off, if you are new to me and my channel, I suggest watching some of my last videos...the last 30-50 in fact. Communication is taking leaps and bounds today and while we connect with those who call themselves spirits and ghosts, sometimes we do connect with those who we may not want to connect with. (Evil, or Dark Spirits)..

I Fired up my Wonder Box this morning to see if any spirits wanted to chat, and to test a new video camera I bought (Canon XA30) - some clear, direct conversation...but this time they tell me without question WHERE they are. IN HELL.

Now, if we are to believe this, and I do believe in a hell and a heaven, especially after doing this work for so long, it all makes so much sense when so many come through asking for light (which is heaven).

While I believe we can connect with those who have crossed over, I feel a session without a dedicated focus can result in connecting to a dark place tor random place.

For me, it's about finding answers and I feel I have found many since starting this journey over 430 videos ago.

Thank you all for your support. Love and Light to all.
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