Is the spirit World real and if so is this evidence of spirit guides, crossing over spirits? PAE32

Is the spirit World real and if so is this evidence of spirit guides, crossing over spirits? PAE32

A terrifying history of violence, dehumanisation and death...
A profound message from beings that have a concern for humanity.
And a mind blowing picture, quite literally out of this world.
if things were not interesting enough already, they were going to get even more profound as we unlock the history of the Griffin Inn Brynmowr and seemingly continue our NOW INVESTIGATIONS.
But before we start, we would like to give a massive thank you to Justin and his team at Ebbw Vale Paranormal, for inviting us to work with them, during this investigation, this investigation was defiantly one of the most interesting, albeit one of the more chilling experiences of 2017. So we invite you to take a look at their Facebook group, the link to which will be in the description below. This investigation will be presented in Four parts, due to the amount of evidence captured, and each new part will be released on a Friday, so please if you enjoy, hit that like button, enable notifications and subscribe to the channel for more evidence of the Paranormal
I am Richard from Paranormal Now, and join us as we explore the Griffin Inn Brynmowr

When conducting an investigation what members of our team pick up Psychically is just as important as what we pick up through evidence using the different types of equipment, especially when you have multiple mediums on site. That can validate events independently. I had no idea what Shaun, and the others experienced in the Cellar, but would very soon find out.

When you have several sources confirming the same events, the likelihood of such events having truth too them increases exponentially, the story the Griffin Inn seemed to be telling was hard to hear, especially when it involved such inhuman acts. The atmosphere of the place seemed so oppressively filled with residual energy that it really was difficult to tell, what messages were residual, coming from the environment, and what messages were coming from spirits that were trapped within it’s walls.
But what of the message we had earlier through the SB7? Next week we will see further communication from these beings and the message they wanted to give us that night, and attempt to establish whether the spirits of the Griffin Inn had anything further to say.
I am Richard from Paranormal Now and join us Next Friday as we continue our investigation into the Griffin Inn. Is this evidence of the Paranormal, as always you decide!

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