Jesus Christ Contacts Steve Huff From Huff Paranormal (Honestly!!!)

Jesus Christ Contacts Steve Huff From Huff Paranormal (Honestly!!!)

....these days Mr Bluff does not even hide it... only the absolute uninitiated/gullible at this point count his vids as "proof" - sadly that is quite a damn lot!! No wonder Peter Pop-off made millions!

Thumbnail by Irish Stevo - link here...

Original Huff Paranormal vid... Come on, surely by now you should be able to point out which bits look legit and which bits look dubious - quote 80% of it then...

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Sadly G+ is dead... this means my personal page is gone and so has my community - Truthseekers-exige which has moved platform...
- its the end of an era where so many strong bonds were formed and still are - the new platform feels a little alienated.
i have downloaded discord but not got around to setting it all up due to IRL events going on that are stressing us out. but i will soon... promise.
however here is the link to the MEWE Truthseekers-exige reloaded community platform....

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[Well what the hell happened? Everybody knows Order Of Magnitude detests fakebook!!! - is this the mandela effect? Are we in a different dimension?
Well not exactly - you won't find me there personally as its a fan page ran by one of my moderators from my original community... So feel free to communicate what an asshat I am because i will probably never see it lol.]

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