Jumbo Nevada - Part 3 "Descent Into The Storm"

We had spent nearly an hour in Jumbo but it begin to rain we had a long journey as we would have to descend through Jumbo Canyon again but find a shorter route on in then descend into the storm. The storms that often hit the Slumbering Hills are brutal which is probably why miners did not stay up here for to long because water, food and supplies was scarce. Then when you throw in weather into the mix like this its simply miserable. Were heading east you can see the Santa Rosa Mountains of Nevada off in the distance covered in snow as we make our way back into Silver State Valley the same valley we explored Daveytown in earlier that morning. I want our viewers to see the trek the miners would have to take if they had to do a supply run its important and that goes both ways up into the canyon as well as descending through it. It definitely was not an easy feat very isolated and in my case I had a storm I had to beat before the snow started coming on in because you definitely do not want to be stranded here. So sit back enjoy the ride along the cliffs and views because I am going to take you on a journey into the frontier.

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