Kings Canyon Nevada - BREAKING NEWS: "Bigfoot Encampment Found Into The Giants Lair & Sighting"

Kings Canyon Nevada - BREAKING NEWS: "Bigfoot Encampment Found Into The Giants Lair & Sighting"

This discovery I made its fairly intriguing as my first thought may have been that its a Bigfoot Encampment. Now I am not saying that Bigfoot made it but based on some of our research in the area and finds we can tell this creature possibly has been here. In this documentary your going to see scientific proof all the way from the giants den to a scuffed up log with a rock to even a mutilation and a snare. The logs used were pounded deep into the ground their was also wood pillows, tracks and even a golf ball. Now we have had over twenty people claim they built it so spare me the charades someone is lying so with that in mind lets just have a little fun broadening our horizons.

Nothing of this magnitude has ever really been discovered in this region high above Nevada's capitol of Carson City. This encampment will blow your mind included are multiple clips, forensics work, evidence, photos and even music from our friend from Winters Thrall. Do you dare to enter the monsters lair this is not a bushwhackers or bark shelter made by the natives. It was fortified and designed to battle the wind chills as well as heavy snows of the high sierra that derive off of Lake Tahoe. This is a great area for human or a monster to hide as it comes with many deer, berries and even a few creeks to provide water.

Their is a Sasquatch in this video supposedly more then one which was cropped by a friend of mine named Tina. Although some of you want to dismiss this video the evidence speaks for itself keep an openmind and just remember we have other locations surrounding this canyon that support my research extensively. This is an area full of strange stories it resides in the Sierra Triangle and the natives for hundreds of years have many tales of Bigfoot, Tessie the lake monster and strange creatures called water babies or what I always theorized were UFOs which often made the natives sick. So really such a shelter is really not that far fetched or out of the ordinary or a creature like Bigfoot roaming the mountains in the Carson wilderness.

I know that some of you will call this a tee pee due to your inexperience just as you will not believe and were not asking you to. Were asking you to consider the open possibilities of what might be lurking considering last few years of research at Genoa Peak, Luther Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Spooner Lake, Hobart Reservoir, Ash Canyon, Jobs Peak, Wade Point, Slide Mountain, Cave Rock, Marlette Lake, Flume Trail, Washoe Valley, Slide Mountain and many other areas close by we have had experiences at. Now I know some of you think you know everything to know based on these lame paranormal monster shows where they are paid actors and set up a production crew right by the road. But we worked hard for this and to bring it to our viewers so take the information we have given you using it as a source to further education yourself about how Bigfoot sustains itself and some of these creatures natural behaviors.

We have encountered UFOs, Bigfoot and Creatures above Carson City therefore I can say with certainty these things exist in those mountains above the state capitol even if you chose to not believe it. My son and I came across a monster a few miles from this shelter one night so we know something lives in these mountains. I know some people are stuck on these cheesy Bigfoot shows but we are privately funded and I can assure you will tread where the angels dare not too. She shelter is really not the most major find on the expedition but its something we can branch off of just like any investigative group.

You have to understand that its okay to theorize and speculate that helps us compile more research but if you are rude then we will not work together. When I compile such works they are based on other sightings, strange disappearances and our own case work in the high sierras. We cant say who or what built the shelter but we can speculate and at least try to keep an openmind. That will allow us to do further research but to also bring other experts on board in the future on our team to continue doing what we do.

This clip is a compilation of our own expert opinions it does not mean you have to agree but show some love for the hard work we do and more can be found at the following link! I get NOTHING from posting videos other then I get to share my finds and these locations with you. Wait till you see our second expedition!
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