Kyburz Flat - Part 1 "Washoe Petroglyph Site"

Kyburz Flat has been the ancient site to the early Washoe for nearly 2000 years. The flat is surrounded by the Tahoe National Forest and the land here was very fertile. The natives made this site there summer home and its very evident when it comes to petroglyph sites like the ones you see in this clip. The cupules found within these rocks derive from years of friction caused from a grinding motion with another rock. This site may have been used for fertility rituals, offerings to the spirits or even weather ceremonies so that harvest would be plentiful. The petroglyphs are found all over the rocks surrounding the flat but to find some of them you really have to explore. The largest of the petroglyph sites is a massive rock which is split into three places. Such rocks signify some of the first early signs of civilized humans in the region. Its a very sacred site and resides along the tree line across from More's Station. On our way in we filmed a coyote wildlife in this area is quite abundant.
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