Kyburz Flat - Part 2 "More's Station"

Lysander More and his family operated a ranch on the very flat you see today. The flat was ideal during the summer months to grow some crops and raise livestock. As the flat contains meadows, wetlands, creeks and a nice forest which provided some lumber for the family to provide early pioneers with a way station. The Henness Pass Wagon Road passed through the flat therefore freight companies and wealthy men often fronted ranchers to operate such stage stops. This station had a hotel, root cellar, corral for horses, barn, well and then the More Ranch. The road became more appealing during the gold rush when miners and there families could have a hot meal as well as a place to bunk up for the night. Not much remains today but a few foundations. I photographed a UFO above the old ranch as historical as this place is perhaps it also holds some unknowns! You can see it by visiting this addition on our website!
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