LAKEVIEW CEMETERY - Buhl, MN | 100 Subscribers!! |

LAKEVIEW CEMETERY - Buhl, MN | 100 Subscribers!! |

100 Subscribers!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

On Friday the 13th during a full moon, we went to the most haunted cemetery in Minnesota for a ghost hunt. The beginning is an informative narration of the history and haunts of this place. Everything takes a turn for the worst when we run into troubled people in the cemetery. Do not worry, we will be back to do a full investigation. There is a reason why this place is named the most haunted in MN. In Fact, my friends and I have had many scary experiences of our own here before I got into filming. Again, thank you so much for the 100 subscribers! This means so much to me, and I can't wait to grow further as a creator on YouTube!!


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