Lets do some Paranormal! EVP DR60, Mirror Divining, Haunted Doll, Sound Manipulation

Lets do some Paranormal! What is coming up for this channel? Readings for you!

Spirit Box, Divination, and TONIGHT lets share real life scary stories, real ghost stories and you guys can share yours too.

Showing you the power of the OM sound. Will it increase responses via EVP and Spirit Box?

Mirror Divination and possibly a surprise in a very interesting setting.. That will be a surprise...

This will be a super chill, fun, interesting night and I will be doing some DR60 EVPS as well.

Showing some new/old creepy things that I have that you have not seen yet. Lets see what these items bring tonight and the messages from beyond they may want to share.

Please share this show so everyone can come enjoy nothing but paranormal!
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