LIVE ITC Spirit Communication Experiments Using Reverse Audio with Radio Spirit Boxes & Apps.

A night of LIVE ITC Instrumental TransCommunication experiments, as I attempted spirit communication using a reverse audio effect with radio spirit boxes & apps. Used during this Live Stream: SCD-1, GB-RIFT, Phasma Box, MurMur Box, Raven-X, Joe's Box Online apps & P-SB7 radio spirit box. Did the spirits speak with us? Many ghost box apps use reversed speech. Will reversing the audio of radio ghost boxes and forward speech apps help to validate that something intelligent is communicating? Will this method of ITC make believers of some skeptics? Doing these sessions Live isn't always the best way to hear these responses, many replies can be hard to hear in real time. However many responses ARE heard in real time. Doing these live are good validation for those who believe these things are fake or just audio tricks & manipulation done during the editing process of peoples ghost box videos.
We can never know when the spirits will be active or willing to talk. So let's hope they are in a good mood and want to communicate.
Just hanging out with some friends, having some fun talking about the paranormal and hopefully some of those friends will be spirits.

Links to find the apps used during this Live Stream:


Phasma Box -

MurMur Box - Matt Payne -

Raven-X & Joe's Box Online - Matt Payne -
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