LIVE Visual ITC Old & New - Radio Spirit Boxes & Ghost Box Apps Too

Join me LIVE as I attempted some Visual ITC using old & new methods. I used the Spiritus Ghost Box and the GhostHunterApps, GB-Realm & Vocibus, that use Visual ITC as well as used my old tube TV for some "Old School" video ITC. I also ran some Radio Spirit Boxes & Ghost Box Apps too. I used the new Paranormal Hunters Box app from Joe & the team at Paranormal Hunters - Ghost Hunters as well. Also used during this live stream: P-SB7 Radio Spirit Box, my ParaBox #1 Radio Ghost Box, Infinity Box GBX Edition. Did something show itself through these devices? Did the spirits speak to me? Watch to see & hear. Join me for a night of Live ITC experiments ( Instrumental TransCommunication ). Just hanging out with some friends, having some fun talking about the paranormal and hopefully some of those friends will be spirits.

If you want to try the Paranormal Hunters Box app. The link to it is in the description of this Paranormal Hunters video:

Check out Joe and his team, Paranormal Hunters - Ghost Hunters on YouTube. Some great videos & investigations. You can find them here:

Thanks for watching.
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