Loon Lake Devils Peak - Part 7 "Spider Lake To Big Hill At Sunset"

It was our final day in the Crystal Basin at Loon Lake therefore we decided to hit the Rubicon Hiking Trail which graces the western shoreline of the shoreline. My cam had broke therefore I had to use an older model its not the best quality sorry but some film is better then none at all right? By the time this trek would be done we would have completely journeyed around Loon Lake to its entirety. The trek will take us up to the Buck-Loon Tunnel with vista points of old Pleasant Lake which was absorbed into Loon Lake. Eventually climbing up into the Desolation Wilderness on the western flanks of Devils Peak where we would grace the southern shores of Spider Lake which has a very overgrown muddy shoreline where we would search for any strange Bigfoot tracks. It begin to rain so I did not do allot of filming but in between my son skips rocks and even builds a shelter to keep dry. We did meet up with a couple who asked me about Devils Peak did not film that but they were kayaking when it begin to rain. Their are Bigfoot reports back in this area its extremely remote almost to quiet with allot of large rock formations and the woods is very lush. Their is also allot of hidden ponds and to find this lake is a big difficult it is sort of hidden. You can view the lake from the top of Devil's Summit in part 5 of this series!

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