Louth Paranormal Research Team Skidbrooke Dec 2011: Vigil cam 2 Chanting phenomena

Turn your volume right up for full effect !
We recently carried out an investigation in a long abandoned ruin of a church. Skidbrooke/St Boltophs, the notorious and alleged devil worship church ruin.
2 hours into the investigation approx 11.30pm we were holding a vigil when we heard what can oly be described as a dog barking in the distance, there is a farm close by , then all at once we heard very loud chanting/singing/moaning/ possibly almost like a hundred dogs all howling, getting louder and louder almost like a hidden speaker was in there....it sounded like it was definately inside the church with us, it was pretty loud and we were a bit speechless, assuming it was someone turning up that had music playing, possibly a car on the roadside or phone ringtone......then we could also hear some male voices and footsteps approaching from outside ... so we sent 2 of our investigators outside to take a look, there was no-one there, it was a full moon and it was almost as bright as daylight. No -one could have come up the lane without us seeing as this ruin is very isolated with a main road totally open so you can see cars passing as their headlights light up the inside of the church ruin. You can easily make out the chanting noise beginning on this video and it ends seconds after the investigators go outside. Bizarre. We have caught this on 2 video cameras so we have another angle which we will upload for you to listen and watch. ALL INVESTIGATORS are situated in the church at the time ! everyone is accounted for.
NB: We have for the moment failed to completely debunk this activity, we are aware this has been previously reported. We intend to revisit this location to try to debunk where this chanting could be coming from.
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