Man Wakes Up To His Worst Nightmare! | SOMETHING WAS WRONG... | Scary Story!

Man Wakes Up To His Worst Nightmare! | SOMETHING WAS WRONG... | Scary Story!

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Hey guys! I am Michael Fessey and this is my channel whatshallwedonext! Here I post many different types of videos ranging from motivation videos to scary horror videos. I also post vlogs from time to time when I travel around. The idea of this channel is to not only entertain you guys with my craziness or scare you with my scary videos but also to inspire you and push you to chase your dreams in life. You will also see guests like Allyssa Cook from the channel Lissy's Life featured in my vlogs. Enjoy!

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Title - Man Wakes Up To His Worst Nightmare! | SOMETHING WAS WRONG... | Scary Story!

Hey guys! So today we are doing another video and this time we are talking about another scary urban legend! This urban legend is called Something Is Wrong! Something Is Wrong is a creepy story about a man who wakes up in the middle of a deserted road with no knowledge of how he got there. He later realizes everyone he approaches is scared of him. When he calls home to speak to his wife, he learns something terrifying...

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