Mark Smith PSYCHIC Detective #3 | Solo PARANORMAL Investigating | Whitby Dracula & GHOSTS

Join Mark Smith psychic medium on a new and exciting mini series of ghost hunting and paranormal investigating, alone in some of the UK's alleged most haunted locations.

This mini series will feature a mixture of psychic ability and mediumship, along with ghost hunting tech and science to help support Marks claims and findings while out in the field.

Episode 3 is at the east coast of England in the town of Whitby. I visit here and start my journey at Whitby Abbey where the spirit of a groundskeeper, possibly a monk, tried to connect with me. We later move to St Marys Church, also in Whitby, where the body of Dracula the vampire is said to be buried. Later in the day I head to the town of Ravenscar, where I attempt to ask the spirit world if Bram Stoker ever stopped at the Raveshall Hotel.

Multiple spirits throughout the day do attempt to connect with me and I believe alot of them did validate their presence via the spirit ghost box (Radioshack 12-587).

Thankyou for watching!

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Mark Smith Psychic Medium Psychic Detective Series
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