Marshall Barnes & Jordan Hofer - Time Travel Technology - Just Energy Radio

Marshall Barnes & Jordan Hofer - Time Travel Technology - Just Energy Radio

The charismatic Dr. Rita Louise of Just Energy Radio runs through all the necessary checkpoints in the revolutionary time machine developed by the ever-so brilliant Marshall Barnes. Later in the show, Dr. Rita learns about the agenda of the alien race from researcher Jordan Hofer.

MARSHALL BARNES is a research and development engineer and conceptual theorist, with a specialty in theoretical physics and cognition related to creativity and technologically induced modes of perception. He is a member of the Philosophy of Time Society, National STEM Foundation and the NineSigma open innovation organization. In Jun 14, 2012, he was named Featured Member of the Week and was accepted as a member of the 1,000 Scientists in 1,000 Days program by Scientific American magazine that same month. Marshall is currently promoting a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) agenda.

is a MUFON Research Specialist in Anthropology and author. Though Jordan has never seen a UFO himself, he has many friends who have, and he believes the evidence for UFOs and the Grays compelling enough to accept their existence. Jordan Hofer taught human evolution at university for seven years before the recession forced budget cuts in his department and he was laid off due to lack of funds. In addition to being a ufologist, Jordan is also an evolutionist and strict classical Darwinist.


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