Meadow Lake - Part 1 "A Forested Journey To A Forgotten City"

We were leaving Webber Lake Station behind which back in the day served the early pioneers who sought refuge in Summit City aka Meadow Lake. This was our first journey here which contains two parts. The part of the video is the trek you make as you descend along cliffs till you reach the bottom of the basin. Ill take everyone on a few narrow woodsy roads some rugged some were the ghost towns city streets that once had residential homes, saloons, businesses etc. When you see me drive through the 160 acre open area near the lake your going to notice that nothing remains. The biggest structure here is the dam built in 1858 prior to Summit Cities rise in the mid 1860s. We would eventually park hiking out to the dam crossing it to explore the other side of the lake and skipping some rocks before sunset here. At one time the Martis Indians etched petroglyphs in the rocks above the lake not to far from this dam. Reservoirs were necessary to provide drinking water to some of the local towns in the area and be used in mining. In this case there were seven stamp mills near this lake therefore the dam was vital for containing the water. Meadow Lake is one of the highest bodies of water found in the Tahoe National Forest. Its easy to envision the ferry boat that use to take the miners to the opposite end of the lake to visit the girls at the Hurdy Gurdy Houses.
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