Monster Men Ep. 102: Guilty Pleasure Horror Movies (Mostly 80’s Edition)

Monster Men Ep. 102: Guilty Pleasure Horror Movies (Mostly 80’s Edition)

One of the things that horror movie fans are accustomed to is bad movies. There are all kinds… low budget, poorly written, poorly acted and just plain dumb movies, to name a few. However, it is also common for us to embrace some of these movies and even come to love them, despite their flaws. These are known as Guilty Pleasures. Bad movies that you just keep watching… probably in secret.

We focus mostly on the 80’s on this show, although Jack was all over the calendar with some of his picks. That just means we had more movies to laugh about.

So join us for a guilty walk down Memory Lane as we talk about such “classics” as Witchboard, Leviathan, Basket Case, Humanoids from the Deep, Puppet Master, Mother’s Day, Jason X, Kingdom of the Spiders, From Beyond and more.

Plus, leave a comment and your Gulity Pleasure and you’ll have a chance to win a Hunter Shea book or a DVD from his collection. Watch the show for details.

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