Monster Men Ep. 36: Horror Talk with Anthony Ventarola, The Girl Next Door Book Review

Monster Men Ep. 36: Horror Talk with Anthony Ventarola, The Girl Next Door Book Review

In this episode of the Monster Men video podcast, Jack and Hunter review Jack Ketchum's horror novel, "The Girl Next Door". The book takes a look at the dark side of human nature and a peek behind the closed doors of Small-town, USA. The plot revolves about a woman who enlists her own children to torture a helpless girl she is hiding in her basement. It's not pretty... but this is horror we're talking about, isn't it?

Stephen King himself has described horror author Jack Ketchum as "the scariest man in America". If you are a horror fan, you should have at least a few Ketchum books in your library.

Then the guys review the new comic book series "Hoax Hunters", from Image Comics. In the comic, Hoax Hunters is a reality TV show about three investigators who debunk the weird, paranormal, and creepy for their audience. But these investigators are supernatural by nature themselves. One of the characters is basically an astronaut suit full of crows... that's enough of a reason to give this comic book series a look.

The episode concludes with another interview from the Monster Men's Halloween party and book signing for Hunter Shea's new books, Evil Eternal and Swamp Monster Massacre at the Wicked Wolf Tavern in White Plains, NY. This time the guys talk to their good friend and internet radio host, Anthony Ventarola.

Anthony Ventarola has co-hosted the Working Things Out web radio show with Diana Navarro and is involved with the NY Spotlight on Success and The Paranormal Group in New Your City. He's also a horror fan, paranormal enthusiast and part time UFO hunter. He's also one of Hunter Shea's oldest friends and an honorary Monster Man. You won't want to miss his stories nor the banter between him, Jack and Hunter.

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