Most Haunted Dolls On Earth - Island Of The Dolls

Most Haunted Dolls On Earth - Island Of The Dolls

True scary stories about the ghosts of the haunted Island Of The Dolls in Mexico. Real scary ghost stories about possessed demon dolls that come to life at one of the most haunted and scariest places in the world.
The Island of the Dolls is located in Xochimilco near Mexico City.
In the 1950’s, a man named Don Julian Santana Barrera who was a local farmer, he moved to this island & became the caretaker of the Island.
He found a little girl who had drowned under mysterious circumstances, he tried to save her life, but she unfortunately died, after that Julian felt like the little girl was haunting the Canal, Julian noticed an unusual item floating in the Canal, who picked up the object, it was a doll, he was certain this doll belonged to the girl that drowned, he hung the doll up in a tree to show respect for the girl. Locals wouldn’t dare come any where near to the Canals at night, because of the fear of what they might see.
Julian’s life started to become a nightmare for him; he now believed that the girl’s spirit was haunting him, he started hearing voices in his head, telling him to get more dolls & to hang them in trees to please her spirit.
He had become so vulnerable & ashamed of him self for not being able to save the girl. That Julian personality seemed to change, he now believed that all these dolls he had placed around the Island were possessed by the spirit of the dead girl or even other entities, but strangely he started gathering even more dolls & hanging them all over the Island, it was as if he had now become possessed by an entity, forcing him to become obsessed with buying & hanging more & more dolls.
He sold all his fruit & vegetables that he had grown on the Island, so that he could buy more dolls to satisfy the spirit or spirits, he searched everywhere for them, even in trash heaps, this went on for around 50 years, he collected around 1500 of the creepy looking dolls. The oldest doll is still there today, hanging in a shed by the entrance. From afar, it looks like the decaying corpse of a child.
Eventually Julian couldn’t afford to buy any more & Julian told his nephew that the girl’s spirit wanted him to join her. Shockingly not long after, Julian died of a heart attack & was found dead, drowned in the exact spot where the girl had previously died.
Julian’s cousin Anastasio now lives on the Island & he states that the spirit of the girl is still here & Julian also haunts the Island too, he says at night the dolls come alive, they move there eyes & heads & whisper to each other, he goes on to say that the dolls must not be removed under any circumstance otherwise you will be cursed for ever.
Visitors to the Island feel a very creepy atmosphere around the place; they report that the dolls laugh, cry, they scream & they move, many feel as If something is following them, once they try to leave the place.
There is also another story of a woman who is always said to be heard crying, it’s believed that this lady killed her own children to be with the man she loved, he rejected her, she couldn’t take the rejection & actually drowned herself, there are reports of child screams & voices calling out for help. Even reports of voices telling people to leave.

Everybody likes listening to a horrifying true scary ghost story in the comfort of their own home, knowing that the story is just that, a story, but what happens if the scary ghost story is real and can happen to anyone, even you.

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