M.P.S Investigate All Saints Church and Annesely Park chapter 2

M.P.S Investigate All Saints Church and Annesely Park chapter 2

The latest investigation from Midlands Paranormal Society was at All Saints Church, Annesley, Nottingham.

It was a really interesting night for the MPS team we felt that we contacted Spirits associated with the Annesley Hall building. The team had Names and concise information given to them.

'We got some nice clear responses though the spirit box" Brett Westwood

The MPS team also try out the brand new Steve Huff SCD-1 spirit box app.

Watch the team capture light anomalies, a unusual mist and what appears to be the manifestation of a Ghostly face caught on camera.

Clear spirit box communication and a much darker message from an unwelcome visitor to the investigation. Is there more to this than meets the eye? Is this really the Devil him self?

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It worries me that on two separate occasion the team have gone out to totally different investigations and seem to have had very dark and Satanic presences, claiming to have come through on our equipment.

The photos we documented back up the claim that what was present wasn't a human spirit, because the apparitions in the photos are not that of a human form.

I've never seen evidence quite like this before!
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