MPS INVESTIGATE Sutton-Scarsdale Hall, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK chapter 13

MPS INVESTIGATE Sutton-Scarsdale Hall, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK chapter 13

Sutton Scarsdale Hall, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK 29/06/2015

'The Darkness' Non-Human Metaphysical Energies that manifest themselves in many different formations EG Animals, Insects & Mythical Monsters

Sutton Scarsdale hall once stood gloriously built on the hill tops of the Chesterfield country side. It's a building that has seen many different families pass through its walls. It's been through and survived the English civil war and has deep connections to royalty.

The team planned to visit this site for some time. Wendy and Alexis-Azrael took to the task of leading a reconnaissance mission which was going to lead to a further investigation.

The site proved to reveal nothing of its history but uncovered the fact that Wendy and Alexis-Azrael had indeed been followed by a dark negative energy claiming to be that of the Devil.

There's and eerie silence surrounding Scarsdale hall. It's in the middle of the English country side. This abandoned ruin falls into complete and utter darkness at night.

Will the pair keep there cool as they brave the solitude of the Scarsdale hall basement.

Post investigation comments

I couldn't quiet believe what we had managed to document on film. It wasn't easy explaining this to people in the video.

This is very serious evidence, it proves that this Devil does manifest himself as a actual fly at times.

So the Devil really does manifest in as many different forms as possible

The team has now documented this Entity Ba'alzebub in at least 4 different forms.

I believe the Devil uses this shape shifting technique to increase confusion and mislead people. In our physical world the Metaphysical is a form of Energy and that can be transformed and altered but the amount of energy always remains consistent.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled off, was making people think that he doesn't really exist.

Enjoy the Video!
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