MPS Investigate The Galleries of Justice, Nottinghmashire, UK 17:07:2015 CHAPTER 15 part 1

MPS Investigate The Galleries of Justice, Nottinghmashire, UK 17:07:2015 CHAPTER 15 part 1

Join the Midlands Paranormal Society on there investigation of the Galleries of Justice museum in Nottinghamshire UK.

It's the middle of summer the team are becoming more established in the roles as paranormal investigators. But all isn't as well as what the team would like it to be.

There is a friction developing between the team members. Alexis-Azrael is warning the team that there are dark forces at work try to destroy MPS and the teams friendship completely.

The rest of the group have acknowledged that something dark and sinister does seem to be following the team. But to what extent remains a mystery?

They certainly don't feel like they are been attacked mentally and physically as Alexis-Azrael has claimed.

Are the Entities that refer to themselves as 'The Darkness' going to try and hamper the teams progress at the Galleries of Justice in Nottinghamshire?.

There has been a court of justice on this site since 1375, although over the centuries the courts and prison have been developed and enlarged. The Hall was re-built between 1769 - 1772.

A police station was added beside the building in 1905.

The current building houses two courtrooms, office space, and underground jail and a site used for executions.

In 1876 major improvements were made and the front was redesigned in a style described as Italianate by Mr. Bliss-Sanders of Nottingham. Within a few weeks a fire broke out and nearly destroyed all of the newly completed work.

Following the fire in 1876, the courts were largely rebuilt by Thomas Chambers Hine between 1876 - 1879, by the end of the refurbishment, the prison gaol was closed.

The Victorians closed the jail due to appalling conditions and it lay empty between 1878 and 1995; however, the Hall continued in use as Nottingham's civil and criminal courts until 1991, when Nottingham Crown Court was opened at Canal Street.

You are about to wittness Paranormal evidence been documented on and unpresadented level. Light anomalies, Energy Rods, Class-A EVP Phenomena and a strange metaphysical mist, believed to be the Spirit of Satan, Beelzebub and Jezebel following the MPS team around at the Galleries of Justice museum in Nottinghamshire. Who and what is related to the dark sinister Shadow hand just out side the sheriffs dungeon?
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