My Best Spirit Box Session Ever. The Spirits speak in droves..

This is quite possibly my best overall session...ever. For clarity, for messages that came through and for clarity. It seems my sessions have been getting more clear, more intense and more detailed over the past 9 months or so..and if it keeps up like this then who knows where I will be in another year with all of this.

This is a condensed version of a session I did for three individuals..sort of a "mini" group session. I feel that messages may have also come through for those who took part in session #7 (group).

Enjoy the video and know that what you watch and hear from me is always 100% real and legitimate, without question. I have been doing this for years now without charging or earning a penny with any of it. I do this by choice, to take away the equation that I am faking it.

Spirit Communication is real my friends and those who feel I fake this or call me a scammer, I have news for will find out the truth when you die. This is all real.

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