MY HAUNTED DIARY – Cielo Drive Manson Murders Sharon Tate & The Oman House paranormal

My Haunted Diary episode with paranormal explorer James Edward Garcia in Beverly Hills, California exploring both the Manson Murder location and The David Oman House. Capturing and presenting paranormal activity at these locations on Cielo Drive.

Cielo Drive where 5 innocent people were brutally slain by 4 murderers of the Manson Family.

To explore the Manson Murder location I knew I would have to do it in a paparazzi paranormal urban explorer approach. Now I was not going to trespass onto property, just be as close as I could by the entrance gate. In the middle of secretly visiting the location I get a message from David Oman that he had an event about to happen at his place (on the same private road) while I was in town! There are no coincidences right?

The David Oman house, which has a reputation for crazy paranormal events including the spirit of Sharon Tate making visitations, a Native American from the Tongva Tribe buried in the Earthen Area on the lower level. His place has been showcased on countless shows such as Ghost Adventures, After Shocks, Haunted Histories, Paranormal Witness, My Ghost Story, Ghost Hunters, and more.

I wish I had stayed an extra night in Hollywood to do a 2nd night of exploring at The Oman House. I would love to have done it solo. But I can now say without a ghostly shadow of doubt that The Oman House has reoccurring poltergeist activity. Perhaps the house rests on a vortex, a portal to energy that spirits can cohabitate with the living. I also present footage from David’s security cameras that he has posted on his youtube channel that are relevant to this investigation.

Make sure to check out David Oman's YouTube Channel!

(the link I mention in the video has user/davidoman)
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Location: Beverly Hills, California
Date: Late April into May 1st/2nd 2015.

A My Haunted Diary Production
A Film by James E Garcia
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