MY HAUNTED DIARY – Old Burial Hill Cemetery Geobox Sessions Paranormal Ghosts Spirits

MY HAUNTED DIARY – Old Burial Hill Cemetery Geobox Sessions Paranormal Ghosts Spirits

Paranormal explorer James Edward Garcia features the latest Geobox made for him by George Brown in one of his favorite local haunts: Old Burial Hill Cemetery in Huntington Village, Long Island, New York. This historic cemetery houses soldiers and local families from the time of the Revolutionary and Civil War period.

Many spirits speak as James walks around the cemetery, interact with him, call him by name. There is also a great EVP of gun fire (Residual Class A) captured before the start of the Geobox Sessions.

It was a windy afternoon and at one point the Geobox starts to sway. A spirit calls out “Falling”. There are many intelligent responses that come through. Other interesting visual / spirit communication moments include where an American flag flies off a broken crypt and 2 spirits speak out. You will see a shadow of James being cast where it looks like he has wings and horns on his head. A couple of spirits respond stating an angel first fallen.

Fort Golgotha and the Old Burial Hill Cemetery is the site of an historic cemetery (officially known as the Old Burying Ground), and the location of a former Revolutionary War-era fort, known as Fort Golgotha in Huntington, New York.

The fort, which takes its named from Golgotha, was built by British troops in 1782 on orders of Colonel Thompson, commander of the King's American Dragoons, on the site of the town burial ground.

“The Old Burial Hill Cemetery in Huntington Village has been a
place I have explored for the last several years in the day and night and have had some interesting unexplained events take place. It has a reputation for being haunted.”

The Geobox used is the first production made limited Afterlight Paranormal Edition by George Brown.

Filmed on location: February 2016
A My Haunted Diary Production
A Film by James Edward Garcia
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