N Lake Tahoe UFO Battalion Caught On Film From Atop Of Slide Mtn. 8/17/14

N Lake Tahoe UFO Battalion Caught On Film From Atop Of Slide Mtn. 8/17/14

**Watch ONLY on Full Screen or via HD Televisions in a darker room/setting**

The documentary and compelling footage you are about to see transpired from an incident that occurred from atop of Slide Mountain as heavy fog rolled in from the North Lake Tahoe region around Crystal and Carnelian Bays the deepest parts within this body of water. We highly recommend you watch the video either on an HD television with youtube compatibility or you view it on full screen via youtube. Keep in mind we filmed these objects at over a distance of 14 miles away through a thick layer of fog consuming the Tahoe basin.

The story behind this footage is rather simple a very large gold object rose out of the waters to the NW of Lake Tahoe. It was so bright it blinded me I took the photo only to see it quickly power down break apart in multiple pieces one of them propelled itself thousands of miles of hours through the clouds while smaller portions remained behind scouting the area around Stateline peninsula. This is some of the only UFO footage in the world that does show objects teetering between to regions/states at the very same time one being Nevada on one side this peninsula the other side being California on the other side. Thus the footage is one of a kind and the objects do appear to have an objective as some ascend and descend.

Some of the objects are hard to see but they do flash, strobe and appear randomly over water, trees while others appear to have landed in the woods themselves. As I continue to film the objects the last few minutes of this film intensify in brightness and the lengths of time they seem to appear.

In theory people with a trained eye perhaps a good UFOLOGIST understands that what we captured here is a very special event and what it is we have here so refrain from rudeness and use this footage to learn about how the inner workings of technologically advanced craft. I referred to it as a UFO battalion because if you closely watch the objects some appear, disappear while others move at such great speeds they can appear within a second or two miles apart.

I have included still enhanced images of the objects within the documentary by darkening the objects so that their luminosity could be enhanced prior or after each sighting throughout the video however I did not do this for every object so can you spot all of them?

At the time I filmed this video I did it blindly although I could see the objects flashing, hovering and moving around but in my view finder to my cam they just were not showing up. I was extremely shocked to bring home the footage to actually see we did capture them. This video is better to be watched in a dark room you are more then welcome to download it, scrutinize it and come to your own conclusion.

I believe in theory that what I witnessed is a USO that had risen out of the water then eventually transformed itself into a UFO. It is hard to say what the smaller probes, drones or craft are doing. Could it be possible their is an alien base deep below the depths of Lake Tahoe? YOU DECIDE!

This event was witnessed by four of us which just confirms and backs up our story as to what we are witnessing. Just after the event a strong military presence was found in Tahoe we believe the two are connected somehow.

The highlight of this UFO footage is at the 16:58 time stamp where you see one object to the left strobing, second object in the woods to the right and a third object flashing above the trees on the peninsula. These objects are at least 15 times smaller then the original ship that ascended out of Carnelian Bay.

The early Washoe tribe once dealt with powerful creatures at Lake Tahoe they called the "Water Babies" who were said to cause death and illness. They came from the depths of Tahoe much like the object did. What the ancients seen as power we see in this video advanced technology caught on film. I believe that we have linked the connections to the legends to these objects you see in the film in theory our research has paved an entirely new way of how our past connects with our future!

Could the demise of some of the Washoe tribe and other legendary monsters seen in the area have been attributed from this phenomena. For example when you see these objects you can see plasma distortion thus in theory being to close to such beings or craft could bring on radiation sickness even death from exposure.

Since we released our video as of July 23rd 2015 a camper who was on the beach at Carnelian Bay witnessing the phenomena that we filmed on 8-17-14 and a second UFOLOGIST filmed the same battalion in the Spring of 2015.

To check out the rest of the expedition and other evidence please visit http://www.paranormalghostsociety.org/SlideMountain.htm


Lord Rick

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