National Nevada - Lord Rick & The Lost City Of Gold

After exploring stone ruins of old National we begin to ascend into National Canyon which is a winter wonderland. Snow is falling, roads are icy and we were on the hunt for any remnants of the past. National was one of Nevada's wealthiest gold mining towns founded in 1907 by two men from the National Motor Vehicle Company who introduced automobile prospecting. Within just a few years National had produced millions in gold ore but it also had a hotel, saloons, school, mills, doctors, dentist, stage lines, newspaper called The Weekly Miner, post office, stores and many businesses. As a matter in fact over 2000 people resided in this very canyon our viewers will explore with me. By WWI the dinner gong and pay window closed at the National Mine then the entire town fell into a state of disrepair. On this journey will take you deep in National Canyon to the Birthday Mine and through a sea of sage brush where the town once stood but only rusty remnants remain. Ill also take our viewers to the top of the canyon which offers stellar views, mine dump piles, tailings and snowy cliffs. The lost city of gold is no more once a boom town that had hundreds of buildings and structures today completely gone. Eventually as the snow storm begins to take hold in the canyon we barely escape which is followed by music and a really awesome photo gallery. Journey with us as we take on the Santa Rosa Mountains and try to unmask a city whose residents claimed the streets were paved of gold because of how rich it once was. I wanted to give our viewers a journey they could feel they were a part of this is a gorgeous canyon its meant to be shared with the world but so is the history that once graced it.
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