Neil Kramer on Veritas Radio | The Unfoldment | Segment 1

Neil Kramer on Veritas Radio | The Unfoldment | Segment 1

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Neil Kramer returns and offers tools and ideas to help clear a path for personal empowerment and the deeper meaning behind our everyday lives. A blend of cutting-edge spiritual insight and deep wisdom will give you hope in humanity again! Are you ready to have some of beliefs and expectations challenged? Are you ready to feel more confident about yourself and excited about the wonder of our adventure here on earth. The Unfoldment brings a perfectly timed message of spiritual wisdom that embraces growth, claims power and unswervingly champions the sacred adventure of the human journey.

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Neil Kramer is an English writer, speaker and philosopher in the fields of consciousness, metaphysics, shamanism and ancient mystical disciplines. Neil has spent over 20 years on a path of inner transformation and shares his discoveries and knowledge in writings, interviews and lectures, as well as giving one-to-one teachings. He is a frequent guest on popular alternative radio and internet shows, enjoying international audiences and enthusiastic support. His work is regularly published on cutting-edge web sites, news portals and popular media networks. Neil has spoken at international conferences on the nature of human consciousness, as well as touring the USA and Canada, speaking in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. His talks have been broadcast on Sky TV in the UK. His acclaimed website 'The Cleaver' and his audio book the 'Audio Cleaver' attract large, discerning audiences. Neil gives interviews, teachings and live presentations on many fascinating subjects including: Paths To Authentic Being, Sovereign Empowerment, Transcending Systems Of Control and Dimensional Shifting.
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