Nelsons Landing Expedition - Part 10 "The Road Less Traveled"

As a paranormal investigator my search for ghosts and hell hounds would take me to a road less traveled. I have driven in a four wheel truck late at night down such roads years ago and was told these were old ox roads that used to haul the gold to the landing for exportation. But to be able to hike these places with such a dark eerie storm approaching just adds to the suspense. Most paranormal television shows suffer from tight restrictions outdoors thus where they can hike a half of mile I will hike ten in one evening. It is the only real means to produce the results we do making us one of the most successful paranormal groups in the world.

Check us out at our site and archives totaling over a 10000 adventures at also check out the Nelson's Landing expedition on our site at

I also highly recommend checking out "Haunted Highway Debunked" at and our article about the Falsity of Paranormal shows at knowledge is POWER!
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