NTParanormal: Techtorial (Monowavelength Photography)

NTParanormal: Techtorial (Monowavelength Photography)

A brief explanation/tutorial of monowavelength photography experiment. This is mainly used to help debunk orbs which 99.9% of the time are nothing more than dust or pollen particles in the air. To clarify I am not using a LENS filter, I am using gel filter over the drop light I filmed this with.

In the field, we have two methods of doing this test.

1. We will either use a gel filter over the flash (because we can quickly swap them)

2. We will use different drop lights with LED's that produce a specific wavelength of light (rather than filtering white light.)

Either method is acceptable. This experiment can be done with standard spectrum of full spectrum cameras. But, if you use a full spectrum camera, be cautious of light contamination from IR and UV sources.

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Edited / Directed by: Ashton Rogers
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